International Kinesiology College


Kinesiology Techniques IKC Conference


2021 Budapest, Hungary
19-22nd August 2021
2019 Seminyak, Bali
19th - 21st October 2019
INTERNATIONAL KINESIOLOGY COLLEGE (IKC) ANNUAL CONFERENCE - Seminyak, Bali 19-21 October 2019 Conference Theme - E.S.R (Embodied Self Rejuvenation)
2017 Kirchzarten, Germany
September 30th 2017 - October 3rd 2017
International Kinesiology Conference 2017 September 30th to October 3rd Kirchzarten, Germany Go to - for enrolment forms, timetables and other important information. 35 years of kinesiology in German-speaking countries! 35 years of IAK 30 years of the professional association DGAK and with the IKC as a guest. Renowned speakers. Exciting presentations. Valuable guidance for individual work. Celebrating, learning, meeting interesting people and much more. Be a part of it! Down load the file below for more information.
2015 Banff, Canada
September 23 to 27, 2015
Our theme for the 2015 International Conference is Confluence
2014 Netherlands
October 2014
2-4 October 2014
2013 Vienna, Austria
August 2013
IKC conference Vienna, Austria
2012 Montmelo, Spain
November 2012
IKC conference Montmelo, Spain
2011 Keczkemet, Hungary
August 2011
IKC conference Keczkemet, Hungary
2010 Kyoto, Japan
September 2010
IKC conference Kyoto, Japan
2009 Cork, Ireland
September 2009
IKC conference Cork, Ireland
2008 Maderno, Italy
September 2008
IKC conference Maderno, Italy
2007 Salt Lake City, USA
September 2007
IKC conference Salt Lake City, USA
2006 Kirchzarten, Germany
September 2006
IKC conference Kirchzarten, Germany.
2005 Keele, England
September 2005
IKC conference Keelee, England
2003 Riccione, Italy
September 2004
IKC 2005 conference in Riccione, Italy
2004 Vienna, Austria
September 2004
Conference Viena, Austria
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